Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Astro

MP3: Oh Astro - Snow Queen

MP3: Oh Astro - Journey to the Center

Marriage makes up Oh Astro in all possible ways. Of course that means the duo of Jane Dowe and Hank Hofler hold each other's hand, but the entire project can be seen as a joining of samples and originality. In fact, this is probably one of the most unique and exciting sample based groups I've heard in quite some time.

Everything is so chopped up and glued together it's often times completely unrecognizable (except Lionel Richie's "Hello" which I think I'll always know somehow in my heart) and becomes it's own beast. The songs are mostly projected as wide often landscapes, large but not empty, just so vast and straight to the point but also can explode into a million pieces of sounds entirely out of nowhere. It's really quite something that will sleepover in your brain. The band was kind enough to post a brief list of the samples they used on their myspace blog, which can be found right here.

I do want to note that you should check out one of my favourite tracks on this album, "Lucy Sees the Moon", sung by their daughter Lucy. I desperately wanted to post it here, but it's honestly not the best representation of the band or album if you're a new listener. However, linked below, is an e-card to stream the album thanks to your best friends at Fanatic Promotion. I highly recommend checking it out, as it is a work of pure beauty.

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reidmix said...

I swear on "Candy Sun Smiles" there's Pet Shop Boys in there -- can Busdriver + Gnarls Barkley + Electronic = Pet Shop Boys? I agree I cannot even tell the original samples such as Fujiya&Miyagi in Hello Fuji Boy -- I'm so focused in the Lionel Richie -- but it's in there.

In this same vein of music I quite enjoy DAT Politics and Dan Deacon.