Monday, August 06, 2007


MP3: Zookeeper - I Live In the Mess You Are

People love Mineral. People love the Gloria Record. Thus, people love Chris Simpson. I was always a very casual fan but I still knew Simpson was a talented songwriter and he had a bit of lightning in his bottle. I remember seeing on some website that he was doing a new thing called Zookeeper and I decided to casually check it out on the myspace. The demos there were really promising and I made a mental note to stay excited and keep my eye open for a release.

That release now exists in a self titled ep bundled up in 5 lovely songs and one awesome cover (I'm a sucker for a good photograph on your cover and Zookeeper's is simple and striking). The songs are more accessible than Simpson's past bands (if you found them hard to get into) and jangle through nicely, rarely slowing down. Just hit after hit.

This ep is a great introduction to an exciting project and I am exciting for the upcoming lp "Becoming All Things", due November 6th on Simpson's Bellecitypop label.

{buy zookeeper recordings from bellecitypop}
{stream the zookeeper ep from fanatic promotion}

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