Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Brunettes

MP3: The Brunettes - Stereo (Mono Mono)

Here is a disc I've been looking forward to for a long while. I always heard good things about the Brunettes from friends who were lucky enough to see them perform during one of their rare visits to the states so I had to check them out. Sadly, having no US label, the New Zealand duo's records were near impossible to find (though I lucked out and found a used promo copy of Mars Loves Venus at Everyday Music in Portland and fell in love with it HARD). Thankfully, a couple of years ago they signed to Sub Pop and the promise of a United States release was a reality. It took awhile but here were are, August 2007, and "Structure and Cosmetics" exists in our hands!

It's a classic 9 song affair, full of so much sugary pop goodness that it's impossible to change a song. The Brunettes have plenty of fun lyrics and sing-a-longs with smart instrumentation and melodies on this album to last a lifetime. So hearing it, you'd understand that it's a challenge to choose a favourite.

But I did, and I made that choice in "Stereo (Mono Mono)". It is a great introduction to this band and in your mind to buy the lp. It has so many change ups it's like a million songs in one: they harmonize, dance from speaker to speaker and make a song about stereo and mono sexy.

Another fine offering from a great band and for Sub Pop, who's 2007 releases will stand in their history as one of their landmark years.

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