Monday, August 20, 2007

Meg Baird

MP3: Meg Baird - The Waltze Of the Tennis Players
MP3: Meg Baird - All I Ever Wanted

Since there is a rare lull in releases this month, Fuck yeah! Go team! is giving you a week's worth of posts telling you what you may have missed. Some of it top 10 worthy, some of it just really good. So without further delay here is...

What you may have missed {week}

When Meg Baird's "Dear Companion" came out a couple of months ago, I realized that I need to pay attention to Drag City's upcoming releases more. It seemed to come from no where. I love Espers very much, but what Baird has created here is a cohesive lp of originals, covers and traditional standards that sound beyond timeless.

The two songs I've chosen are personal favourites from the record. While I am excited for new Espers material, I hope Baird continues to give us great albums for many years to come.

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