Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marissa Nadler

MP3: Marrisa Nadler - Rachel

We're halfway through What You May Have Missed {week}!

You probably didn't miss this disc. It's hard not to: Marissa Nadler has shown up on countless blogs, magazines and websites. So really there's not much I can say or suggest that you haven't heard already. The most I can say is that "Songs III: Bird On the Water" is one of, if not the, best albums of the year. Maybe ever. It touches subjects like death and love, and it's all wrapped up the beautiful, haunting music and Nadler's voice. It's one of a kind.

Kemado Records (home of other rad bands like the Sword and Dungen) released this disc in the states a few weeks back and was kind enough to include a download code of 4 exclusive songs. She also showed up on Stereogum's tribute to Radiohead's "Ok Computer", covering "No Surprises". It might be the greatest cover of anything ever.

That is all.

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