Thursday, August 02, 2007

FUCK YEAH: Federation X

MP3: Federation X - Real American Kids With Real American Ids

X-Patriot certainly isn't Federation X's newest release, but it stands as my favourite. Maybe it's the perfect production work of Steve Albini's engineering or the fact that everyone in the band is mega-talented (with an insane drummer and the duel 4 string guitar work) or just the feel good spirit of the jams. Any or all of those really can be it, but all in all it's hard not to admit that this is Fed X's finest hour. It SOUNDS like everyone clicked, and the songs fly by with such swagger and dirt that it's impossible not to get caught in it's swarm, even from the first song's opening lines "I'm in the middle of a nervous breakdown!" in "Apeshit".

The song that I feel best represents this album is what I've chosen here today, "Real American Kids With Real American Ids". The guitar parts are so perfect yet carefree and the lyrics so confident and vocally delivered like you'd hope them to be. The best example for this band is if Karp was still around today, they'd sound like this.

Go pick up a classic (and then some more classics, since their whole catalogue is stellar), grab your lover or some bros, take a ride and enjoy your life. It's pretty fucking sweet if you're living with this as your soundtrack.

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