Friday, August 03, 2007


MP3: Laakso - Stockholm Rock City

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from Matt Giordano, who still can't get over Laakso. It's like this with him every year they release an album. And when they don't, all he can say is "it's going to rule when Laakso releases another album". We'd yell at him, but it's true. Fuck yeah.

Two albums in the same year is quite impressive, two albums in the same week even more so. In April, Laakso's Mämmilä Rock coincided with the release of Mother Am I Good Looking, but was released only in Finland, as the bulk of the album is based in the Finnish language. This album was recorded album two years prior to its release in a cabin on the Sweden/Finland border, and therefore hearkens to more a mixture of their first two albums I Miss You I'm Pregnant and My Gods. Needless to say, it still maintains the same quality as every Laakso release, and the more music made and released by this band the better. 2007—the year of the Laakso.

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