Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Diamond J & the Rough

MP3: Diamond J & the Rough - We Had It All
MP3: Diamond J & the Rough - Betty Ford

I loved Hot Rod Circuit for most of their career. However, after their unlistenable last album, I can't say I was surprised to hear Jay Russell exit himself from the band. He had been playing as Diamond J & the Rough for years but it was only recently that we finally got a taste of what sounded like. From demos to (what seem to be) final versions, I have listened to these songs with such excitement.

"We Had It All" is pure nostalgia, stating "we had it all at 17". Anyone who looks back at life fondly can surely relate. Meanwhile, on "Betty Ford" Russell sings of having a problem and leaving someone behind because of it. It's a really sad number and the female harmonies, violin and pedal steel (courtesy of HRC's Spacey Casey Prestwood) really amplify that. They also are some of my favourite musical sounds so it's a sure thing for me to love it.

I'm looking forward to a full length. I hope it is delivered quickly.

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