Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Band In Box

MP3: Band In Box - When Others Go South

Sweden's Band In Box has written what I have found to be my first favourite song of 2007. "When Others Go South" swirls with beautiful clarinet, a gentle acoustic guitar and singer Siri's gorgeous voice. It's wonderful lyrics are a winter love song, speaking of igloos and having tea with walrus neighbours.

She cites such inspirations such as "hospitals" and "animals", which if you do some looking around online, is quite true. Her myspace is filled with photographs of people with animal heads or bodies and her label states that Siri is taking courses for surgery and virus attacks. Also there was an ep and another band member, but both are no longer available.

The song and artist both paint a picture that is slightly unique and exciting. I very much look forward to future recordings.

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