Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cale Parks

MP3: Cale Parks - This Garden Is A Maze
MP3: Cale Parks - Oh, Holy Night

Polyvinyl released "Illuminated Manuscript" last year and it's a record I find myself enjoying more and more with each listen. It soars with fantastic drumming (what else to except from one of the best drummers playing today?) and great key parts. There are little vocals, but when he sings, Parks' has a voice that's both reserved and soothing. The lyrics, like the singing, are very sparse but poetic. Not everyone can pull of a song of two vocalists singing "la la la", but "This Garden Is A Maze" accomplishes it and is a true thing of beauty.

"Oh, Holy Night" appeared on a limited edition Christmas compilation released by Suburban Sprawl. It's available for download (along with songs from previous years) right here.

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