Monday, September 28, 2009

Pearl Harbor ice cream cake party.

MP3: Pearl Harbor - Luv Goon

Mexican Summer has done it again: come October we can jam out the 12 inch ep of Pearl Harbor's "Something About the Chaparrals". I've been streaming "Luv Goon" on their myspace a whole ton lately and am very pleased that the mp3 has been released. It certainly does well to tide me over until the actual release. Seriously, listen to this, it's the soundtrack of your best dream, pop.


Huntronik said...

wow, thanks man. this is a great song. i'm going to email you sometime when my demo is done and send you it.

you're good at finding new grooves.

Joey Gee said...

Hey thanks for the kind words! Lots of groovy grooves coming non stop in the coming weeks from myself and Giordano. Dube it!