Friday, September 25, 2009

New Best Coast hit: "Wish He Was You"

Best Coast I think is the best new band of 2009. She's keeping summer alive from her lair of endless sunshine and spreading the good news across the land. Check out the new song "Wish He Was You" at her myspace now.

Also, it looks like her upcoming output should keep us busy for awhile: beyond the previously announced 7 inches on Art Fag and Group Tightener, we can expect 2 more from Black Iris and PPM. Stoked.

UPDATE: One of my fav blogs When You Awake just posted Bethany's mix for crushes. It's killer. Get it here:


Huntronik said...

props for the recommend, joey.

ok here's the thing-- this is a good song, but i'm getting tired of the intentionally crusty super lo-fi recording technique being employed here. the problem is not lo-fi (which i love) but that west coasters (e.g. wavves, pens, best coast) are too heavy handed with it. when the artists are pouring it on like this, it loses its charm.

its just my opinion, but this song would have been even better with normal recording and without so much overdrive and red-lining. its 2010, and even though its chic to reference campy 60's surf pop, nostalgia that goes along with it can get stuck in the mud.

djethell said...

I totolly agree with Huntronik. Best Coast ain't gonna last long if they coninue with this scratchy tinny sound. I love the music, I heard two tracks and thought they were great but the more I hear the recording style, it's starting to wear pretty thin.

Joey said...

first of all, best coast is not even close to the noise levels of wavves or pens. her recordings have a warm fuzz to them and nothing would be gained if you took it away, but you would certainly lose much of the music's character and the songs wouldn't be anywhere near as catchy.

the new low-fi, west coast sound may be an affectation more than a necessity, but it gives these modern day 60's girl pop songs an immediacy/intensity that i wouldn't be interested in getting rid of. long live high gain and reverb!

Joey said...
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