Monday, September 21, 2009

Apology post

MP3: Spiritualized - On Fire (live)

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from sob story Matt Giordano. He's crying his way to the bank with today's apology post, though you'll find even when he says he's sorry he's being a bad ass mother fucker. Hide your stash, teenage America? Fuck yeah!

In case you all have noticed, I've been sending in a lot of posts lately (I've taken over Joey's job). After my last about Midnight Masses and subsequent comparison to Spiritualized I said: "Why not listen to the (sp)ace?" and such is what happened. Everyone can agree that the amount of gash Spaceman has slayed barges of gash, and much prefers to do the same. Also, looking back on the decade, one can deduce that Spiritualized has continued to be one of its most important bands (especially live), and such is the case with this take on the lead track from the bombast and gorgeous "Let It Come Down"—after all, that's all that can happen when you've been floating in space.

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