Saturday, June 23, 2007

Taxi Taxi

MP3: Taxi Taxi - Family Doctor

MP3: Taxi Taxi - X Marks the Spot

Taxi Taxi's debut lp "Maps & Legends" may not be perfect, but it certainly is a fun listen. From the opening cut "Family Doctor", you know you're in for a laid back listen and that is kind of the selling point for me, as it seems so many bands are getting so technical and concise that they're missing out on important factors such as melody and catchy use of their instruments.

This is where Taxi Taxi flourishes. I think this can be credited to Terence Bernado, who is not only a frontman but a producer as well. He clearly has the producers ear which mixes in perfect with being a musician.

"X Marks the Spot" has potential to consume your summer mixes as it has an excellent hook and a bumpy vibe.

{i couldn't find where to buy their cd other than iTunes, so check the band's website and email them}

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