Wednesday, June 27, 2007


MP3: Frausdots - Broken Arrows
MP3: Frausdots - Soft Light


The coolest thing about Frausdots was that bassist Brent Rademaker proved that he could be a frontman. Frausdots stray the most from post-BWS in my opinion (very dark in contrast to the Sparks), but keep the same ear for melody and catchy hooks that drew us into their songwriting.

The gems are many on their debut lp "Couture, Couture, Couture", standout tracks include opener "Dead Wrong" and "The Man Who Dreaded Sundown", but the 6 minute 23 second "Broken Arrows" is the perfect example on how great this band is. Rademaker of course is a highlight, but the vocals of co-dot Michelle Loiselle really bring it on home. Her contributions sprinkled over the songs combine to make a completely cohesive lp that stands on it's own, apart from the "ashes" of a band that never ended, and was dear to many. I do love All Night Radio, but I must take Matt's statement from yesterday's post and apply it here: "I consider this record to be one of the best Sub Pop releases ever."

I think another fine showcase of the interplay between Rademaker and Loiselle is "Soft Lights", with that perfect chorus and lyrics that stick in your mind. You'll be singing "I don't want to live forever baby" to yourself and your friends for weeks on end. Maybe that's just me, but the point is it's fucking catchy.

Other than an ep and some 7 inches, the band's output has been sparse (a running theme with all of these projects), but there is always word that Frausdots will create again soon. I know I am anxiously awaiting whatever they deliver.

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