Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Cinematic Orchestra

MP3: The Cinematic Orchestra - Familiar Ground

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I was at work looking through all the new promos and this little guy, titled "Ma Fleur" by a band called the Cinematic Orchestra, caught my eye. Apparently this band has been around for a long while but I am a slacker and knew nothing of them. But the art on the outside and in contained some of the most strikingly beautiful photographs I have seen on a record in a long time. When I put it in, I had my mental fingers crossed that the audible portion would follow suit. Boy, did it ever.

There is so much to love about Ma Fleur. It is vast in it's landscapes, taking you to so many places in it's 49 minute span. There are different folks singing songs, but the one thing everybody has in common is how soft they are. Pianos and strings paint imagery so dazzling you'll want to live in these photos and songs. It's an ideal life, contained in a compact disc (or vinyl). I think the time this lp really got to me was driving home at 2 in the morning. It was an hour drive, pitch black out and my windows were down. I had a good night leading up to this drive and the tone for the way home was set by the Cinematic Orchestra.

Lush, gorgeous and striking, this is my pick of today's releases. Perfect in every way, it's what you hope to find in an album these days.

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