Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Weather

MP3: A Weather - The Feather Test
MP3: A Weather - One More One Night Stand

A Weather is a Portland band that I discovered like a minute AFTER I moved. Rats! They just released a 7 inch inch for the song "The Feather Test" on Team Love and if you ever needed proof that vinyl sounds better, get this. The songs certainly are special and beautiful on their own, but on wax they just get beyond warm. It's touching.

The real gem here is when you flip over the lp to the b-side "One More One Night Stand", a true harmony injected gem that sounds so good it's like they're singing it into your ear while you slumber (but in a non creepy way).

So here it is, the entire 7 inch. Enjoy it, but do try to pick it up. It's cheap and really does flourish in the vinyl format. A full length is planned for release in early 2008. We're all stoked.

Also, here is a live video of the band playing "The Feather Test" live in Seattle earlier this year.

{buy a weather recordings from team love}

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