Wednesday, September 15, 2010


MP3: Sharon Van Etten - Don't Do It
MP3: Sharon Van Etten - Love More

Dude. I'm not gonna pretend like I had heard Sharon Van Etten before yesterday: that's not how I roll. But I'm also not gonna pretend that I haven't been listening to her new record "Epic" nonstop since then. It's fucking brilliant. I picked up her first record too, and it's way radical but this one is a total rocket ship to the moon. Check out these jams, and get yourself a copy of "Epic" from Ba Da Bing! Records asap, it is released October 5th.

Also, the on fire Polyvinyl is releasing a 7 inch single with 2 exclusive tracks come November. Snag a copy of "I'm Giving Up On You b/w You Didn't Really Do That" now and get an instant download. I did and I'm your friend so do it too.

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