Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Best Albums Of The Decade: #17 - Rubber Factory

MP3: The Black Keys - Girl Is On My Mind

#17 - The Black Keys - Rubber Factory
Fat Possum Records 2004

Joey On Rubber Factory:

Yeah, I still have fond memories of drinking whiskey and PBRs and driving (don't do it kids) with this as loud as my car stereo would go in Portland that one time with Morgan. It was the first time he ever heard this album and we put this song on repeat and made up the lyrics as drunk folks do. Also, I only own this on a shitty promo cd-r that Epitaph sent Borders in 2004 and Amber made sure to set it aside for me as I expressed an interest of it to her. Matt knew Amber too. Do you know what happened to her, Matt?

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