Thursday, July 30, 2009

In anticipation.

The Bear Quartet - Euthanasia
MP3: The Bear Quartet - Birds Are Singing Deep Within The Greenery
MP3: The Bear Quartet - The Repairing Of The Red Sea

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from lil' Matt Giordano. Shockingly, this is his first post on the Bear Quartet in the entire history of this blog. Seriously, you'd get how crazy that is if you knew him. Never too late? Fuck no!

Listen up music world. The new album by the greatest band on the planet is coming out on 9 September, and what better way to get your ears ready than by offering up a couple of classic tracks. One could state that every song by The Bear Quartet is a classic, and that wouldn't be to far off—especially of late, as three of their recent albums are amongst the definitive of the decade (2001's Ny Våg, 2004's Saturday Night and 2006's Eternity Now). Here is a song from each.

89, the new album by The Bear Quartet is, again, out 9 September. A song will be available on the blog around then.

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