Wednesday, July 29, 2009


MP3: Soft Circle - Light Bright

The Soft Circle side of the 12 inch vinyl split with High Places is a real revelation. I had caught audible glimpses of them (or him I guess) a couple of times, but what's on here is completely awesome. It's got the right stuff: beats, interesting repetition and killer vocals. A total hit, both jams.

I chose not to post the High Places song, despite being my favourite thing on the split, for 2 reasons: it's too long to just give away and everyone already loves this band. It's totally worth buying though and you get a download code to boot. Pitchfork posted a stream of the High Places track awhile back, which can be found here.

This split is out now from PPM. Keep killing it Dean.


fdsa said...

just got mine in the mail today! good might also want to check out the tracks i've got up.

fdsa said...

hmm, and for some reason your post identity options are very limited...strange