Monday, August 18, 2008

Lykke Li

MP3: Lykke Li - Breaking It Up

"Youth Novels" seems like old news in the world of online music journalism, but in fact the album has not been commercially available in the United States until August 24th. So the following review can be viewed as a rehash, a reminder or, heaven forbid, something completely new. There's nothing wrong with talking about things we love, that's what makes writing about music fun and educational. So with that said, let's talk about Lykke Li's "Youth Novels".

The album opens with what seems like a whisper but is actually part of a bigger bang and once we get to "Dance, Dance, Dance", the tone is properly set for the 50+ minute journey you've embarked on during which, you will be treated by Lykke Li's gentle, confident vocals and songs that'll touch your soul or make dance where you stand. On paper, "Youth Novels" can easily come off as schizophrenic and uneven, but audibly that couldn't be further from the truth. Obviously, you can mostly count on the fact that everyone has heard at least one Lykke Li song, but what is so fulfilling about her music is that they all can stand on their own, independent from the great picture, but still fit into place like one big puzzle. If you loved that one song, check out another. If you hated that one song (why?!), give another a shot and I am pretty darned positive you'll be swayed.

So come next week, make a friend or knock on an old friend's door. Imported the cd? Get the vinyl! Downloaded the cd? Buy it anyway! With school around the corner and Autumn's sweet embrace in plain sight, you're going to need a record to play for friends and close out there. Well kiddo, enjoy "Youth Novels". I do!

"Youth Novels" is released on August 26th from LL Recordings.

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