Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Koufax chime in on the struggle.

MP3: Koufax - Any Moment Now

Koufax is back atcha with tales of class struggle, celebrity, parties, politics and flats (or apartments as we call them) on September's "Strugglers". It's awesome and like all of their albums, it sounds familiar while changing the sound enough to give you a new & unique experience (this one has saxophones!), though at one point you'll swear you're hearing a b-side from "It Had to Do With Love" on "Name of Love".

A half hour later and you'll want to listen to it again. Look out for this new classic from Koufax, you won't regret it. And get the "Any Moment Now" digital single from your favourite digital retailer for only .99 cents with the bonus non-album track "George Michael Issues" which is just as awesome as the album. No runt of the litter here!

Well done Robert Suchan and company. Well done.

"Strugglers" is out September 23rd from Doghouse Records.

{purchase and pre-order koufax recordings from insound}


modul8r said...

What am I doing wrong?

Your purchase and pre-order insound link goes to Koufax' page on insound, which lists other albums but not Strugglers.

So I head over to doughouse and find Koufax' page:

I click on the preorder link and it shows tons of user reviews (how so? the release date is 09-23 and today is 08-08), and the add to cart button doesn't seem to do anything.

Ergh, it's so frustrating when you want to give someone your money and you can't.

Joey Gee said...

This is the link I have (which might be the one you had):

But yes, it appears they took it down. I think what is there now with all of the reviews is a default page with fake reviews or something.

Hopefully it'll come back soon. I did notice that when it WAS up, it was lacking a preorder for the vinyl edition, so hopefully the return will have that as well.

Sorry for your trouble, but thank you for checking out the post!