Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Vapnet - Plötsligt händer det inte

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from the invincible Matt Giordano, who was kind enough to send in another post in our attempt to make this blog a complete Hybris tribute. Fuck yeah!

Not only does Vapnet create some great tunes, but they've become somewhat prolific, offering up new music every year since their inception. It's all been quality, and it's all had that nice spring/summer vibe emanating throughout the music even if the lyrics did not. Two years ago "Thomégränd" was my song of the summer, and if this new single is reflective of their highly anticipated new album Döda Fallet, then I wouldn't be surprised if a track would end up taking the prize again. This track is the proper single, which is out now on the ever stellar Hybris, and is fucking brilliant. Enjoy.

{purchase vapnet recordings from hybris}

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