Tuesday, April 29, 2008


MP3: Boris - Statement

It's a wonder that we haven't posted about Boris on the blog before: both myself and frequent contributor Matt Giordano are big fans of the gash slayers, but I suppose we just assumed everyone was hip to them and didn't need to be told what to listen to.

But that is the beauty of the FUCK YEAH posts... oh and they put out a new record. "Smile" is out today, and worth getting online from Southern Lord so you can get the limited dvd (only in 3000 copies of the disc, numbered and all) with videos for Statement (today's mp3), My Neighbor Satan and the rarely seen video for Pink. Word.

If you've never heard Boris or "Smile", I posted "Statement" as a first listen. If you have heard Boris AND "Smile", this is here because you know it's a fucking killer track.

Good night.

"Smile" is out today on Southern Lord.


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