Monday, April 28, 2008

FUCK YEAH: U No Danava

Danava - Down From A Cloud, Up From the Ground

"UnonoU", the first official full length effort from Portland's Danava may be one of the most creative "metal" (if that's what we're calling it) albums made in recent memory. It's fully laced with horn parts and layered organ tracks over the group's typical 5 minute plus epic stories, making it a unique and utterly enjoyable listen.

In fact, since I got this record a couple of months back, it rarely has left my regular listening rotation, and when it does it is always sorely missed and shortly returned to the stack.

Thanks as always goes to Kemado, for continuing to release the Earth's greatest music. We all appreciate it greatly.

ps if you dig this, don't forget to catch the band's self titled ep that came out awhile back. it's just as fan-fucking-tastic as this gem.

{purchase danava recordings from kemado}

1 comment:

Ben Sass said...

Awesome! First I've ever hear of them. I need more!