Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Weather: warm songs for cold times.

MP3: A Weather - Shirley Road Shirley

When we last A Weather, I was enjoying their then recently released "Feather Test" single and loving it. Here they return with "Cove", coming March 4th on Team Love. They still sounds the same, except a little better and thankfully with more than 2 songs to offer us. A wonderful offering of dream pop goodness, pick this little guy up when you see it in your record shop.

See you dudes in Portland this fall, my one big regret is that when I lived there, I never saw you live. Weak.


1. Spiders, Snakes
2. Shirley Road Shirley
3. Screw Up Your Courage
4. Small Potatoes
5. Hanging Towers Of Baltimore
6 Pilot’s Arrow
7. Oh My Stars
8. Pinky Toe
9. It’s Good To Know

{pre-order "cove" from team love}

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