Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Say Hi

Say Hi - Northwestern Girls

This band has been around town for a little bit but the biggest turnoff for me was always the name: seeking out a band called "Say Hi To Your Mom" just really wasn't high on my to do list. Thankfully, songwriter Eric Elbogen dropped the 'To Your Mom' to the simpler Say Hi, moved to Seattle, went on a killer tour with the Velvet Teen and put together his 5th album "The Wishes And The Glitch" which is a finely crafted record of honesty and delicious hooks.

The opening track and by far my favourite "Northwestern Girls" struck me right away. For me personally, it was very easy to relate to the prospect the song was selling me. I too have moved from the East Coast to the Northwest and been stunned by the fantastic women that populate the area. While everyone else may not get the meaning that literally, I think it's pretty a universal feeling to be somewhere new and just be completely taken in by all of exciting change around you and thankfully I now have a soundtrack to that feeling.

"The Wishes And The Glitch" comes out February 5th from the band.

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