Monday, January 28, 2008


MP3: Canadians - Summer Teenage Girl

Just a quickie, since I am super sick...

Canadians' gem of a record "A Sky With No Stars" hit my mailbox a few months back and I slacked on it. A quick listen told me that I like it enough to post on it but would need another listen to know what the hell I would be talking about.

Skip to a few weeks ago and I am still waiting for that next listen. Luckily, the clever bastard that is iTunes shuffle decided to throw me "Summer Teenage Girl" and for a little over 4 minutes kicked my ass with it's pop goodness. While it's not reinventing the wheel it sure is showing one of it's more flashier models.

Everyone has their band comparisons for these Italian duders (mine? The Rentals meets the Beach Boys) which happen to be bands that everyone loves and I feel that's for good reason: Canadians are easily up to par with all of your favourite bands & songs and are very worthy of being in your cd stand/iPod/computer bootlegging. From the second you hear this songs' "ooh la la la"'s, I think you'll be hooked or else your claims of loving quality pop music will be decided upon a jury of your peers... or not. Whatever, your loss.

"A Sky With No Stars" is out now from Ghost Records.

{purchase canadians recordings from ghost records}

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