Friday, December 21, 2007

Top 15 Songs of 2007: #12 Fourth Of July

Fourth Of July - I Don't Want To Lose You

NOTE: Awwww yeah suckas, day number 4 from my personal list of the 15 greatest songs of 2007. Maybe more posts today, maybe not, but I'd check every now and then just in case. Either way, these posts are coming daily so come on back tomorrow at least. Wonderful.

I try not to post about my friends here too much without having them involved in some way, but since this is my top 15, I'm going for it.

Lawrence, Kansas' own Fourth Of July released a fantastic record titled "Fourth Of July On the Plains" this year on Range Life Records (friend of the blog) that is chock full of fantastic music that will stick to your head like gum on shoe (that you purposely stepped on).

When they went on tour this fall, they released 3 "tour singles" of all new music that were freshly recorded and ready for the public's ear to enjoy. And enjoy we did, as they had already topped themselves months after the gem they just dropped on us. For me, "I Don't Want To Lose You" was the stand out of those 3 incredible songs, with it's irresistible hook and it's overall sincerity coming from a band of rock geniuses.

Plus, they have a pretty sweet crib too:

{purchase fourth of july recordings from range life records}

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