Monday, December 24, 2007

Top 15 Songs of 2007: #11 Bat For Lashes

MP3: Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do

NOTE: Happy birthday Mom. Just for you, here is post #5 from my personal list of the 15 greatest songs of 2007. Faaaaantastic.

It is so rare when you hear a song that sounds like nothing else and it's even more rare when it turns out that the song is actually good as well. Not only did I get this from "What's A Girl To Do", but honestly Bat For Lashes' debut lp "Fur And Gold" delivered an album full of unique pop music.

"What's A Girl To Do" has those thundering drums and great loops I love so much, with it's infectious chorus and honey sweet vocals from Lashes' mastermind Natasha Khan that will fucking cut you if the timing was right.

It's also impossible to post about this song without mentioning the just-as-incredible video shot for it. There is a reason it showed up on everyone's favourite video lists this year, so if you haven't caught it yet, please enjoy it below.

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