Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Aloha - Body Buzz

MP3: Aloha - The End

Don't make those best of lists just yet! With a new Ghostface album that dropped yesterday and a new Wu Tang to follow next Tuesday, it seems some of our favourites are popping up in December to challenge all previous discs with the promise of being more fresh in our minds and also being just as awesome. Case in point? Aloha's "Light Works", which hit shelves yesterday.

I still haven't taken it all in, but what a lovely little ep we've got here. First, the art is amazing. A beautiful cover, graced on a digipak with materials made from recyclables in a gentle package. Quite honestly, I could roll with the word "gentle" for this whole post. An ep meant to tide over fans before dropping a new lp in 2008, Aloha shows a gentle side that has been hinted at over the years, but finally delivered completely for the first time (and hopefully not the last!). The 7 songs go by somewhat quickly, just under a half hour, which is enough time to fall in love and replay for countless repeated listens.

They're all highlights honestly, but look out for the 2 gems I've posted here, "Passengers" which flows nicely with lovely harmonies backing Tony's sweet pipes and the closer "Equinox", which is a song built around around an improvised piece. It's all so carefree and inviting, very much worth checking out, even if you're not familiar with the band (but thankfully we all know that's not true).

It sounds perfect in these winter days and can morph quite nicely for the holidays, if you so wish. Thank you Aloha, see you next year!

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