Monday, December 03, 2007

FUCK YEAH: The Come Along & Eat It

The Come Along & Eat It - Taste the Blood

MP3: The Come Along & Eat It - ZOMBIES (cover)

MP3: The Come Along & Eat It - Eat UR Family

NOTE: Today's contribution comes from ho-zone Matt Giordano, is hopefully buying me a birthday pint this weekend. Also, these songs he sent are tagged really annoyingly, so download and enjoy at your own will. Fuck yeah? Fingers crossed!

The Come Along & Eat It were passed along to me last year, and it's always been one of the most challenging groups I have ever listened to. However, the rewards of this band are so great, mostly as a result of their reinvention of "indie" music. The boundaries have been pushed so far, you'd almost expect said boundaries to push back, yet they cannot. It's rare that a band can take such an cascadingly bland genre and make it their own.

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