Monday, October 29, 2007

Marissa Nadler in the sand.

MP3: Marissa Nadler - Cowgirl In the Sand

Dear Marissa Nadler,

I think you should know something: your record, "Songs III: Bird On the Water" is 99.9% going to be my #1 album of 2007.

Releasing it in the states with 4 bonus downloadable tracks, demos and covers on Stereogum, the new Daytrotter session and now another Neil Young cover, is all very wonderful. Not that you needed it, but I'm pretty sure doing all of that created the .1% needed to allow you to bring home the gold. Congratulations!

I love "Cowgirl In the Sand", and you covering it (with assistance from Black Hole Infinity) keeps my heart pumping.

Your fan,


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