Thursday, October 25, 2007


MP3: Welcome - Natural Frost

MP3: Welcome - Bunky

I fucking love Welcome and their 2007 release of "Sirs". As I wanted to hold off on what I was intending to post today (and have been for oh so long), I decided to finally get on top of one of those "meaning to post for too many goddamn months" entries, so here we are...

It is autumn. No really, it is; look outside (hopefully you're in New England, like me, enjoying the world's sexiest possible fall season), breathe in the brisk air, rake your leaves, drink your apple cider and then turn off the fucking folk records. I am guilty of this too, so who am I to judge? But every now and then, you sort of wake up from a haze and want to get your life on the right track, not with a hop but a karate kick and the best way you can do that is with rock and roll.

Welcome put out a record called "Sirs" back in March here in the states (you lucky bastards overseas got it in November 06, you suck/rule) on the wonderful Fat Cat (No Age, Tom Brosseau, all your favourite bands) and when I was working at the record shop back then, my co-worker discovered and fell in love with this record. Being a complete wanker, it took me a couple of tries before fully realizing that this band had done it: they released a complete melting pot lp filled with everything upbeat and wonderful about rock music. It's so dirty yet cohesive, cluttered and catchy with vocals from the best of both genders, begging to be turned up at the highest volume on endless speakers, kicking your enemy's teeth in and laughing about it over a pint.

I could really post the whole record and I think half the reason it took me so long to put this up was because I didn't know what songs to put up, but here are 2 that I think are a great starting point. If you like what you hear, it only gets better: track this down. Fuck yeah.

PS! To the band in Connecticut called Welcome, change your fucking name! I'm sick of the let down I get every time I see you dudes on a flier and find out it's you.

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