Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nick Cave/Grinderman

MP3: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - She's Leaving You
MP3: Grinderman - No Pussy Blues

NOTE: Today's blog comes from the always killer Matt Giordano. Fuck yeah.

My contribution to the team this is week is a double-shot of Mr. Nick Cave in celebration of his new Grinderman album being released in North America at the beginning of April. The first track is a more recent Bad Seeds B-Side (specifically from the “Nature Boy” single) and‚ in retrespct‚ it makes perfect sense that would continue into an aggressive territory. The track is called “She’s Leaving You” and can easily be found on the three cd B-Sides And Rarities set.

For the latter track I was contemplating another B-Side (this from the “No Pussy Blues” single) but seeing as how it is rather mellow‚ you'll be getting the single instead. After almost thirty years of making music with various projects‚ Mr. Cave shows no sign of slowing down‚ and seeing as how the quality has never really come in question‚ the world would be more than glad to hear the gifts he’ll continue to give the world.

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