Wednesday, March 07, 2007


MP3: Bears - You Can Tell

Bears were one of the first bands I really loved when I got into checking up on this whole mp3 blog craze. One of the first blogs I really embraced, You Ain't No Picasso, posted about them and have a couple of times.

Their music is just so carefree and loose, but in a structured way so it's not all over the place. There is focus, but they do it without making it apparent. The harmonies that I look for are all there, and Bears make it so anytime you put them on it's an enjoyable listen.

Their self released ep "Shortest Day Of the Year", which today's song comes from, is out in April. Snag it.

They're doing an instore in Indianapolis tomorrow at Indy CD & Vinyl at 4pm. I'll be there for sure.

{buy bears recordings from the band}

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