Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Best Song Ever: Je veux qu'il revienne

Today's post is from all time classic babe Françoise Hardy, on a song that appears on her seminal "Mon amie la rose" record. I first heard wind of Hardy in a magazine article in the early 00's that my old roommate had in the restroom. It was well written enough for me to seek out some work and I instantly became a lifelong fan.

"Je veux qu'il revienne" was the opening track to a greatest hits lp I found used for $1.50 at a (now shuttered) record store in Northampton, MA a few years back. The song was so amazing that I had to find the album that it came from, and when I did I was not surprised that it was equally as great. Any of her material is a score, but this one wins for me simply because of the incredible memories that come with it for me.

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