Thursday, June 04, 2009

You will all die slow.

MP3: Health - Die Slow

Health has been mighty good to this blog over the years, getting us a lot of hits/downloads and even thanking us in their remix cd that came out last year. I'm pretty sure we'll always try to be as good to them too forever, and it's not hard when they churn out hit after hit.

The gods has returned with a new single for their greatest song yet, "Die Slow", a salivating taste from their in-progress full length "Get Color", which every blog ever is pre-hyping as the greatest album of all time before even hearing it. I'm going to join them: "Get Color" is light years beyond fantastic and a big breath of fresh air for this year, as 2009 has lacked anything resembling originality. Thank a high fucking power for Health. Shine on, friends.

The "Die Slow" 7 inch is out now from Lovepump United.

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