Friday, June 05, 2009

Grimes Golden

ZIP: Further - Grimes Golden
01. California Bummer
02. Inert Pieces
03. Quiet Riot Grrrl
04. Summer Shorts
05. Artificial Freedom
06. 20 Pages
07. This Time Around
08. Teenage Soul
09. ...v.s. (Livingston Seagull)

We did this before about a year ago with "Time Fades Away", the out of print live Neil Young record and it got one of the biggest responses I've seen on the blog. I'd been toying with the idea of posting Further's "Grimes Golden" record for awhile now and when I saw Matt a month back, he mentioned that we should do it again and now it's history.

Further are one of the best bands ever, a little bit of fuzz and a lot of heart. I posted about them during Beachwood Sparks week way back when and have tracked down a good number of their records since. Sadly, their catalogue is criminally out of circulation, begging for a label to re-press them all. Until then, we offer you "Grimes Golden", a 9 track masterpiece from 1994. The hit here is obviously "Quiet Riot Grrrl", but the whole lp is indeed as golden as it promotes itself.

The world has been lucky enough to see a BWS reunion, and now the ball falls into Further's court. What do you say fellas? Give us a one night only event to cherish until our dying days? Fingers crossed, and until then, please enjoy this record and seek out whatever else you can from there. Consider this your starting point... good luck.

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