Thursday, April 09, 2009

Get Loney.

MP3: Loney Dear - Airport Surroundings
MP3: Loney Dear - I Got Lost

Frequent contributor Matt Giordano pointed out a little while back that it was insane how this blog hasn't posted anything about Loney Dear's newest record "Dear John", which came out this past January. It's true: it's insane. I think that he's our most posted artist (or close to) and we've gushed over this music so many times. We haven't been sitting on it: I know that I've had the vinyl at my home since it's release and am really into it. Let us forgive the mistakes of the past and make nice on internal promises: here it is, at long last, the "Dear John" post.

Every review I've read has pointed out how sad this one is, and yes that's true. Your mood will drop at least 10% when giving this a spin, but hopefully your taste will be sharpened and you will notice how precious this record is. It's Loney Dear's most everything: sad, focus, cohesive and fully realized music. That doesn't matter: it's every bit as exciting and infectous as this was when you first discovered it. Don't give up on this just yet, as is the curse with early year release dates, give it a listen with fresh ears. It'll work wonders.

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