Wednesday, April 01, 2009

FUCK YEAH: Children round 2.

Children - Power Spirit

What the fuck: We haven't done a 'FUCK YEAH' post since October. That is weak, though it isn't my fault as music has been particularly vagina-like for a good bunch of months now. In fact, 2009 hasn't really delivered anything worth jamming hard at all... until now.

Children are the most exciting new band ever. I wanked off about their "Death Tribe" one track lp back in July of last year and had been anticipating anything and everything from them since. Here it is: Kemado delivers "Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World" on May 12th and we are frothing at the mouth until our hands can grasp it.

In the meantime, "Power Spirit", the first teaser from the lp will be rocked as loud as technology will allow repeatedly until ears bleed and minds burst wide fucking open. It is on.

Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World (Kemado Records)
Release Date: May 12, 2009

1. Advanced Mind Control
2. Nuclear Bummer
3. Power Spirit
4. Hard Times Hangin . . .
5. Subterranean Cities

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