Monday, March 23, 2009

A frightening journey through Little Hells.

Marissa Nadler - Mary Come Alive

"Little Hells" is not a title to be taken lightly: this album is fucking scary. Sure, you can be allow yourself to be fooled by Marissa Nadler's familiar reverb soaked vocals or the sense of hope found in new instrumentation, but BE WARNED! You will die here if you go in seeking light.

Yes, this record is wonderful. We knew that. Nadler's last one, "Songs III: Bird On the Water" was my #1 album of 2007 and this will more likely than not be #1 this year. It's just a breathtaking piece of art, dark and brooding and something new and different, which is tough to do. I'm so attatched to the last one that I thought it impossible to fully take this one in, but it's a testament to her as a songwriter of how timeless and perfect these songs are. I continue to be in your debt MN. Don't miss this!

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