Monday, June 09, 2008

The Jealous Girlfriends

The Jealous Girlfriends - Secret Identity

MP3: The Jealous Girlfriends - Roboxulla

I first discovered The Jealous Girlfriends almost a year ago, when they played a gig in CT with a mutual friend of ours, and I left with a 7 inch in hand feeling very impressed and happy to experience something so audibly fulfilling. Cut to a couple of weeks back, and I'm at Music Saves in Cleveland picking up their self titled album in the used bin, saving it for the train ride home. Coming through my headphones was something very familiar to that moment at the show so many months back and it was like time had never moved forward so quickly.

This record is rock and pop music at it's very finest, with two very capable front people of the two different sexes not speaking for either of their genders: they are simply two people who are purely talented and putting it all on display (what I mean to say is, they shouldn't be judged as "that band with girl in it" or "that band with the dude singer" or whatever). Such labels are useless, and if you read too much into this album you might miss the point completely: of course it's honest and meaningful, but it can also be turned up loud to blast in your car speakers during this already impossibly hot summer or enjoyed with some tea on the porch in the evening. What you have here is smart songwriting that can appeal to most anyone with half a brain and passable musical taste. I am quite certain you will be hearing more from this band in the years to come, and I'm looking forward to it with open arms and ears.

"The Jealous Girlfriends" is out now from Good Fences.

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