Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lullatone put me to sleep.

MP3: Lullatone - The Bathtime Beat

Lullatone's 2006 effort "Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous" was a list making record that didn't make mine for the sad fact that I didn't catch up until early '07, but made up for it by listening (and falling asleep) to it as much as I could throughout the year. This trend continues into the year current, and luckily I will be able to give it a new partner: the duo release "The Bedtime Beat" in March on Australia's Someone Good record label.

They describe the effort as "our strangest and most pop CD yet, featuring the sounds of bathtubs, underwater humming, snoring cut up into drum beats, Yoshimi's human beatbox and much much more." Count me in. You can sample some of the splashing on "The Bathtime Beat", the album's opener, showcasing their usual brilliance and unique creativity, with the expected/adored focus of singer Yoshimi's hushed vocals on full display behind Shawn's understated production choices.

Fuck yeah.


1. The Bathtime Beat
2. Your Snore
3. The Bedtime Beatbox
4. Make Believe Melody
5. Maboroshi Ondo
6. Marching to Sleep
7. Tiny Cinema
8. Goodnight Train
9. Make Believe Melody #2
10. Oyasumi

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Nick Fulton said...

Sweet...thanks for the Lullatone post. I hope to go to their gig in Auckland in March.

Nice Blog dude