Monday, August 09, 2010

FY!GT! PREMIERE: Crying Shame

MP3: Fourth of July - Crying Shame

Lawrence, Kansas takes Fourth of July for granted.

While living there, I never saw them play a bad gig or write a mediocre song. I would argue that they are the most talented band in that city, if not the entire Midwest and come August 31st I fully believe that this will be realized by the masses (oh, plus I got to sing with a group of Lawrence's finest on "Tan Lines" and a few scatter shots all throughout the LP. So that shit makes this post officially a GO TEAM. Believe it.).

"Before Our Hearts Explode!" is FOJ's sophomore record and a lot has changed with the guys besides haircuts. While you could easily write this whole thing off as a breakup record (which it is PROUDLY) there is so much more going on. Brendan Hangauer's lyrics have gotten more precise and clever, keeping the songs selfishly about himself while weaving incognito tapestries that any listener could easily relate to. Yes, it's a "man"'s record, but the situations are so genderlessly universal that if you are human and you feel, you're in hook, line & sinker. It goes back and forth from sweet to ugly within the blink of an eye.

Today's premiere "Crying Shame" is the perfect example of that: it sounds like a relationship hanging on by a thread where both parties involved do everything they can to screw with each other but come the choruses it returns to the routines of the past and the fear of truly being alone.

So yeah, Lawrence takes Fourth of July for granted, but I think very highly of this album and I bet they will too to the point that it'll be worn like a badge of honor. Bravo FOJ, bravo Range Life Records.

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Dubi Kaufmann said...

Awesome! This song made my day. Thank you.