Thursday, June 24, 2010


I know I'm going to get totally derided for this (and possibly the blog as a whole by association), but I've been listening to Saves the Day's "In Reverie" a lot lately. I've always loved this album and considered it easily the band's pinnacle; it's especially perfect for the summertime. I recall it taking a pounding when it came out (mostly from fans), which led to the band dropping their integrity and any notion of progression and releasing shitty pop-punk again, but I digress.

Here was a band changing their sound completely for the better, making beautifully lilting pop music, with hints that their next move was into psych-pop had they further pushed the instrumentation and melody. One can only imagine where the band could explored had they not given up on the best thing they've ever done.


Joey Gantner said...

I totally stand behind Giordano's post today. I think that the whole music scene thing is starting to not be so ashamed of their personal roots and that's totally a good thing. I abolished the whole "guilty pleasure" thing long ago.

Plus, "In Reverie" is such a fine pop album that if it was made by any other band it would most likely be renowned through and through.

Bravo, MJG.

Unknown said...

I was always partial to "Through Being Cool"

Never bothered with In Reverie, too sentimental and protective of the former Saves The Day, but OK Matt I'm giving it a shot.