Thursday, September 11, 2008

Noise For Obama!

MP3: Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain
MP3: No Age - Here Should Be My Home

I have been subconsciously praying for a way to link Lightning Bolt, Deerhoof and No Age together other than being fucking amazing, but last night I was finally given a way: Noise For Obama. A new website launched by noise artists in support of future United States President Barack Obama, it gives personal statements from members of the bands I just mentioned as well as the radical Foot Village and a link to register to vote (pretty pointless as you've already done so, right?).

Don't worry, it doesn't end there: Lightning Bolt's Brian Chippendale is lending his Black Pus project to a split 12 inch with Foot Village which collects tracks that originally appeared on their split cassette and adds a bonus Foot Village jam and 2 Black Pus jams. To make the deal sweeter, included is a 16" x 22" poster of a full colour animal photo with screened art by Chippendale on top of it (it should be noted that BC's art is amazing, and has 2 widely available art books/comics available from PictureBox Inc: Ninja and Maggots [the cover is pictured above, but it comes minus the Obama face]). All profits go to support the Obama campaign and it sees release October 14th from Deathbombarc. You can order it now right here.

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