Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HOT TRAXXX: Chrome Sparks - So Far 2 Go (feat. Steffaloo) [VIDEO/MP3]

MP3: Chrome Sparks - So Far 2 Go (feat. Steffaloo)

Around this time each year is when you'll typically find everyone goes nuts, trying to find a summer track that embodies everything they want at that particular moment in time - a personal coda to hold close the whole season long. I've found it best not to force these things and just let them come naturally, which is exactly what just happened to me with this Chrome Sparks ripper.

"So Far 2 Go" (featuring a very talented Steffaloo) says everything I need it to in it's movable bliss, but the accompanying video is what drives the point completely home: It's SUMMER 2012, let's boogie.


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