Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Best Song Ever: Mean Jeans - Come Toobin' [MP3]

After repeated (and do we mean repeated) spins, the new Mean Jeans record is finally upon us. With more hits than a Chris Brown domestic disturbance it can be hard to profile a song without referring to the album as whole. However, one of the standouts is truly "Come Toobin'"—with it's 50s beach party meets water park meets summertime feel. The more adult version of "Case Race", "Toobin'" finds the Jeans willing to drop a twenty on admission for the girl of their dreams, all with the hopes of making her their Jamie Jeans Curtis.

"Macaroni ├╝ber alles /  You melt my sunglasses / Bum wine and a bucket of slime tonight."


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